Virtual Reality

Since the resurgence of VR, I’ve worked on a number of projects.

  • A location-based VR experience for Shift Reality
  • A location-based adventure game for Dreamland VR
  • A software component for the real-life escape rooms at Ichabod’s Escape
  • The LindorMelt VR Experience for Lindt Chocolates (through Deep Realities)
  • ImmerView, a 360 degree stereoscopic image viewer for both photographic and pre-rendered content on Google Cardboard
  • A stereoscopic 360 degree steroscopic video player for BrainiUX, supporting multiple stereo formats and virtual display configurations
  • The UNICEF360 viewer for IdeaStudio and Unicef Canada (through Tiriam Immersive Media)
  • A yet-to-be-announced VR experience being created with a former Disney animator
  • A yet-to-be-announced Canadian Heritage project (through Tiriam Immersive Media)
  • A Unity plugin for a VR project by Imex Media  (through Deep Realities)
  • A small room-escape game for the Gear VR called “Escape from Bunker 14”

I was also quite active in the early days of VR…

I’m incredibly excited that VR is finally back, after all these years. We finally have the technology to make our dreams from twenty years ago live again!